Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Back to Work

Christmas has, overall, been fairly relaxing and like most people, I have not wanted to return to the impact of the daily routine. So even though I love to sing more than life itself, I wasn't necessarily thrilled that it was again time to return to having my time rigorously scheduled.

Rehearsals began for me on Monday. Fortunately, the group was pretty chill and the rehearsal went well without any stressful or tense moments. We read through several pieces, tried a few different keys and voice assignments, and have found 4 pieces that we know we would like on our next concert. I was asked to solo a Ciconia piece and I am hoping to solo (duet or trio) a couple more pieces (as yet undetermined) from the Cyprus Codex (compiled ca.1413 - 1422). I'm sure people will make proposals of pieces they'd like to do via email throughout the week and we'll read through those next Monday.

Tuesday evening, I go through the process again with another ensemble.

There is also daily voice work and practising other instruments. So much to do while the Christmas holiday continues.


  1. Hi
    Sounds like what I'm looking forward to in a couple of days :)
    Our fist rehearsal was canceled due to that crazy snowstorm that buried Chicago -- but we're up for it tomorrow :)

  2. PS I'm an Alto too -- but make no maoney at it :) Our choir is strictly charitable -- thx for all the RTs on twitterBTW
    Holly :)