Wednesday, October 10, 2012


  I am in Brighton, England. 

  At long last I have made it over the pond and I am here to sing!

  I am here for the Brighton Early Music Festival, also known as BREMF. I am singing with a few different ensembles in an even larger number of different concerts.

  I arrived on September 15th and have rehearsed with all of my ensembles. Although the festival takes place in Brighton, the rehearsal venues vary from London to throughout Sussex and span a good part of the Southern coast.

   The festival is the second largest of its' kind and is quite spectacular. The main festival begins on Friday October 26th with the Tallis Scholars with "The Field of the Cloth of Gold - Celebrating a Great Treaty" (pg.5) 8pm at St. Bartholomew's Church and culminates with the International Baroque Players with the BREMF Singers with our "Celebrating Coronations -And a Diamond Jubilee" (pg.16) performance on Sunday November 11th, 7pm at St.George's Church.

  In one of the larger extravaganzas, we will be recreating a "1589 Florentine Intermedi" (pg 10) complete with aerial dancers at 5 and 9pm on November 3rd, 2012 at St. Bartholomew's Church.

Download the entire brochure or view it online.