Monday, August 1, 2011

A Chill Is In The Air

It's true. It's actually cold.

Not cold like Winter, but still...

My heat has kicked on everyday this year; and I literally mean, every day.

Oh, sure, we have had exactly 4 days of actual heat (over 90 degrees) since our year began. One of them occurred the first week of May. The other 3 have been separated by weeks. We have also had 4 days of truly warm (78 to 85 degrees); one in March and one in April. The other 2 each placed beside a hot day.

We have had a few days of mild (60 to 69 degrees).

Otherwise, it has been chilly to cold. And until about the second week of July, there has been virtually no sun.

I waited for the weather to change before I planted my garden. But it never really happened.

This makes 3 years in a row that there has been tons of rain, clouds, gray days and no real Summer.

Don't you just love global "warming"?

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