Sunday, November 8, 2020

Our Real Work Begins

The euphoria of the win is greatly deserved. But we need to use this positive feeling to get to work immediately. We are not remotely out of the woods. We just have just eluded the bear, for now, and have someone with a moral compass in our midst. But that bear is still out there.

While I am an empath and I tend to painfully feel whatever you're feeling, and I am very protective of those I care about, and I love completely, I am also a genius and think quite logically. 

As Democrats, we need to change how we handle (the now visible) America, dramatically. And we have to start today. 

I know that we cannot continue to handle things in the "we don't want to upset anyone", "let's all be friends" way that has gotten us into the mess we are in today. And yes, we are in dire straits. 

We live in a moral and intellectual bubble and most of us are loathe to believe that there are MANY, MANY Americans who don't think with the morality we do, and/or that most people are stupid. Many people "woke" to this reality in the past 4 years. In your joy and relief, DO NOT FORGET. 

Our election "win" did not eliminate the hate and fascism in our country - it threw accelerant on it. And you can be sure that they have a contingency plan for a Biden win. And therefore we have to make handling the fascists a top priority.

Because we - as sane intelligent people - want good for everyone, we cannot shy away from implementing the strong, difficult, tactics it will take to do that, even in the smaller steps on the way there. To rebuild a better country; to make the US a place to be proud of; to make it safe for its' inhabitants;

We must fight. 

We MUST take the hard steps that are necessary to make sure that this country is safe for its' inhabitants. And that means overtly fighting fascism. Protests make for great tv, and make us feel great about ourselves, and can motivate SOME people to action, but they accomplish very little for the final outcome. 

Protests have lost their meaning and purpose in America - they are meant to: 

1. Alert those who are unaware, which, in the information age, is redundant.

2. To shut down normal business locally, and at a government level


3. To restrict commerce by refusing to go to work, not spending money, and impeding normal traffic.

All of America was already aware of our situation and had taken a side even before protests began, so no one new was alerted.  

Normal activities were not impeded, the government did not "feel" the repercussions because business went on as usual in DC. 

The government doesn't care about your complaints if they do not fear losing anything. Recent protests have just gotten people beaten, chem'd, and killed. 

It's the people who take real action that get things done. We need more people who take real action on our side. It will be extremely hard and won't necessarily make us have that feel good rush about ourselves like marching in the streets.

The vote this time, was extremely stressful. There was traveling long distances and long waiting for many. But, that is a walk in the park compared to the work ahead.

You can rest assured that I am not sorry that the Führer's Armed Fascist Army of Idiot Psychos is having a bad day. I feel no sympathy for them whatsoever. And I am not about "reconciling" with fascists who have wanted, and still want, me, and people I love, marginalized and preferably dead. Their feelings have not changed and saying "all is forgiven" and "we agree to disagree" is BULLSHIT.


They are not sorry. They're not going to change. And they aren't going to disappear or stop. They will continue until they kill a large number of us and take over if we don't curb them now. Think of all the people who have died because of anti-mask Covid spreaders. Think of the psychos who have driven into protests. Think of the psychos who are shooting us. And they feel bolder with every passing day.

An “All is forgiven! Welcome back to the fold!” attitude and behavior will not save us, or our country. Eliminating fascism from our country is going to take a great deal more than forgiveness and platitudes. 

It's going to take having very real, long term consequences for their fascist behavior. They are committing treason. They are terrorists. They MUST be handled as such.

They are a reflection of their sociopathic leader. He tapped into mob mentality, fed them lies, and now, he has a terrorist army that is left behind to bring their leader back - on "their" psycho terms. 

They are Lucy with the football. Always. And being the trusting Charlie Brown will be the end of us. Think of them like a cult. Remember “deprogramming”? Well, there is no “deprogramming” millions of fascists. There is only making it extremely difficult for them to behave that way and prosecuting them for all of their fascist behaviors.

In 2016, I held a platform regarding how the Orange Führer would mobilize; that we were repeating the road to WWII Germany... and I received a lot of opposition. Well, I wasn't wrong. 

I support utilizing post WWII protocol for handling the fascists. And it needs to be implemented immediately.

I hope that Democrats have learned that we have to stand up to these people with real enforcement of the law.